- Murderer
Well, after many years it's here. On October 14, 2006 at 7PM a brand new album entered the world weighing just a certain amount of lbs. When Tim heard, he passed out chocolate cigars; CoCo wept. And as the boys looked down at the fruits of their labor, fire flashed into their souls and they saw their future looking back at - okay, whatever - the new FiniteSky album is here and all that can be said is that it was worth the wait. "I'm just glad it's finally done. I was starting to feel like Guns'n'Roses and that can't be good" says Bill.

- Murderer
Why is the cover of the new album a mirror? How the hell are you supposed to show the album cover in a magazine? Whoever came up with that idea should be shot! It's not even original either - I hear Time Magazine had a "man of the year" issue with a mirrorized cover too. Anyway, I think it's something to do with the album title, but no one will tell me for sure. What a bunch of clowns! I guess everyone can decide for themselves. There's also coded writing in the CD booklet and a cipher key. Apparantly there's also subliminal messages in the music. Rumor is that if you listen really close to some of the music, you can hear words in english really quiet under the music. I'm also told if you listen really close you can also hear lyrics.


- On & On & On
FiniteSky will be kicking off 2007 with On & On & On (Rock Mix) on Canadian Commercial radio. The single is already a favorite amongst FiniteSky fans lucky enough to get their paws on the new album. The track marks the eleventh single FS has pushed to commercial radio.

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