Finite Sky


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Compact Disc (BMR Records KS2 014-C)


Recording: The band got into the world of digital recording on this album. Rather than focus on recording full-length albums, the band focussed on quality over quantity and instead recorded a string of radio singles. These radio single were compiled into Murderer, seven of the 10 songs being radio singles that were played on radio stations across Canada before the album was released. Of the three songs on Murderer that weren't single, "Interlude" is an instrumental featuring about 10 overdubbed acoustic guitars and 10 vocal tracks by the band members; "Emerald Isle '04" is a new recording of an old Weedmen song that was originally release in 1994 with rewritten lyrics, a different intro, and no bass solo (instead Tim gets to show off his lead-bass skills in "The New Drug"); "Feel No Pain" is essentially an out-take of the recording sessions that features the band breaking up and joking around.

Bonus Tracks: The album contains no bonus tracks. However, the last track on the album "Open Wider" contains one minute of silence at the end of the track. If you turn up the volume really loud, you can hear gunshots and screams really quiet in the background.

Album Art : The CD features a 32-page full-colour booklet containing about 100 photos of the band, lyrics, various additional text, and some encoded text with a cypher key.


Label: BMR
Year: 2006

Track Listing:

  1. The New Drug
  2. 75
  3. Doin' South Carolina
  4. On & On & On
  5. Interlude
  6. Feel No Pain
  7. My World Of Gray
  8. Emerald Isle '04
  9. Another Tuesday Afternoon Cakewalk
  10. Open Wider

Total running time: 45:00

Produced by Uncle Dutch and The Notorious F.A.T.

Engineered by Johnny JohnJohn and King Charles the Billth

Recorded at various points in time 2001-2005

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Dark Highway Recording, Winnipeg Canada

This album was recorded on Alesis HD24s, Behringer mixers, ProTools LE 5.0 and Windows 98.

This album was mixed on Asus motherboards, Intel processors, ProTools 6.4 and Windows XP. This album was recorded at night.

All Songs by Bill Todd , published by SOCAN/BMI

All songs © 2006 The God In Me Music


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