Finite Sky

Wash Away This World

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Compact Disc (BMR Records NHP012-1)

Recording: The second full-length FiniteSky album. Released in 2000, the band got into hand precussion, acoustic instruments, sampling, and digital editing for the first time. Instead of recording tons of songs, they decided to record less tracks and spend more time on them. They used two different studios to record and mix/master which according to the band was very tough. The rhythm tracks were recorded with the entire band playing together in a room - in the past, all the instruments were recorded seperately. It took over 6 months and 600 hours of work to record Wash Away This World, and was the first FiniteSky album mixed and mastered entirely on computers.

Bonus Tracks: The album contains three bonus tracks - a song called "75" on track 75, and two songs from the "I Know You're Late" single on the pre-gap of the CD. That means you have to hit play and manually "rewind" until before time index 0:00 on track 1 to hear it. This CD has the longest pre-gap of any CD yet manufactured in Canada.

Label: BMR
Year: 2000

Track Listing:

  1. The Real Miss America
  2. Away
  3. Driving Song
  4. Salt Lake City
  5. Parable Of The Sower
  6. Here's to the Good Times
  7. On Another Day
  8. Desert Dragons

Total running time: 45:00

Produced and engineered by Bill Todd

Recorded at Nicklehead Studios, Winnipeg, Canada June 5 - July 5, 1999

Except backing tracks for Tracks 8 and 75, June 15 - July 3, 1998

Additional recording July 20 - 27, 1999

Mixed by Waylon Wityshyn and Bill Todd

Mixed and mastered at Studio11, Winnipeg. September 1, 1999 - January 4, 2000

Digital editing and post production: Waylon Wityshyn

All Songs by Bill Todd , published by SOCAN/BMI

All songs © 2000 The God In Me Music

Photos by: Herman LeValier, Daniella, Leah Holovach, Wendy McAlpine

Publicity and media relations: Angela Heck


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