About the Company

MPS (Media Promo Solutions) is a small internet startup company based in Winnipeg, Canada. The company was founded by two people, Bill Todd & Angela Todd in 2007.

Previous Business
Bill, with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and Angela, with extensive experience in marketing and promotion, had been in business previously in the radio technology industry. To facilitate the day-to-day operations of their business, Bill created a database called “Nebula” to keep track of customer accounts and planning. Essentially a CRM and PIM software solution, written in VBA using Microsoft Access97, the two ran Bill’s database application on several computers they kept up & running 24/7.

After 2 years, Nebula had grown to run their entire personal lives & business. In fact, Bill & Angela found Nebula so useful, that they decided to market and sell Nebula as their primary business. Nebula was renamed to “Organize”, and re-architected from the ground-up for a different platform, enabling it to be a self-contained application, and able to be installed from a single file.

Investors Welcome
Organize version 1.0 launched April 03, 2008. A 2-month period of small scale testing began in November 2007. MPS is looking for angel investors and venture capitalists for additional funding. Product development, delivery to potential customers via the web, and customer care has already been established and put in place with seed capital. However, additional funding is needed to create the awareness required to reach the extremely large potential customer base (approx 500 million) by way of outsourcing the product promotion to a large US-based PR firm and other additional firms in other global markets.

View Bill's MPS Blog site for news and upcoming developments
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