Finite Sky

Finite Sky

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Compact Disc (Nicklehead #PBM 156)

This is the Finite Sky independently-released debut CD It was recorded before the band actually played any shows as FiniteSky. It features early versions of 3 songs that were re-recorded for Wash away This World. The album has a mid-fidelity indie feel although it was recorded it in a full-blown professional studio. Every instrument was layered seperately with tremendous overdubbing. The band over-ran their recording deadline twice, taking a total of seven weeks to record and mix. Bill mixed the album by himself in one mammoth 16-hour session, the night before the final deadline. Alot of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this album, enough to sicken the band from the studio for another two years.

Bonus Tracks: The album contains a bonus track entitled "Entropy Me". FiniteSky used to regularly close shows with this song to tremendous acclaim. After the 13 album tracks, track 14 is 1:23 of silence, and the bonus song is spread over tracks 15 and 16.

Label: Independent
Year: 1997

Track Listing:

  1. Driving in the City
  2. Travels
  3. Internal
  4. Parable Of The Sower
  5. Repeat
  6. The Real Miss America
  7. I'd Give My Life
  8. Saturn's Rings
  9. Mistress Anxiety
  10. Mantra Of Mine
  11. This Heart Away
  12. I Know You're Late (but at least you're on time)
  13. Amy Awakes

Produced, engineered and mixed by Bill Todd

Recorded and Mixed at Nicklehead studios, Winnipeg, Canada

May 24th-July 17th, 1997

Mastered at Polar Bear Studios, Winnipeg, Canada

Art Direction and Graphix: Mike Girardin

Band photography by Daniella


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