What is Organize?   (the concept)
Organize is essentially a:

Task Manager



Contact Manager

It is a replacement for:



Wall Calendar


Address Book

Post-it Notes

It is better (not just a substitute) in the following ways:

1. It is in every place at once (with multiple workstations, laptops, tablets, etc – accessible from anywhere on the internet)

2. Recurring tasks autopopulate by themselves

3. The schedule becomes the diary. (don’t have to recopy tasks manually)

4. Instant Search allows you to instantly find any item (past or future) – this is so much easier than sifting through filing cabinets, or scanning through dayplanners for information.

5. Centrally managed contacts – everyone in the household or business can view and edit the contacts. No longer do you have to update and maintain a different contact list on each computer.


Most other calendaring software applications all have the same look and feel – they are complicated, inefficient, and hard to use. Organize is different because of its revolutionary design. It is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. This makes people actually want to use it.

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