Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I need to run Organize (system requirements)?

You need a computer running either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Users of Windows 2000 will most likely be able to run Organize; however, no testing has been done for this operating system, and MPS makes no guarantees for users of Windows 2000. Organize is not supported on Windows 95/98/ME/3.1/NT, server versions of Windows, MacOS, Linux, or UNIX.

  2) Can I still use my normal operating system / desktop?

Yes. Organize can be used as a replacement to your usual desktop, but it does give you the option to minimize or close the application so you can easily return to your normal desktop.
  3) I've never used planning software; where do I begin?

We have found the best things to start with are simple recurring tasks. You may want to start by adding birthdays, anniversaries and due dates for rent and other bills. Once you get into the groove of entering all the "simple" tasks in your life, the more critical one-time tasks will come to mind. You'll begin to enter tasks like appointments, meetings, showtimes, reminders, etc. You'll be surprised how much you have to keep track of!

4) Can Organize be used on more than 1 computer?

Yes. When you purchase Organize, you are able to run it only on the computer that it was Activated on. It will work for all users of that computer. If you wish to run Organize on multiple computers or devices, Organize must be purchased separately for each computer and/or device.


5) Is Organize secure?

Yes – if and only if your computer itself is secure. Basically, make sure your computer has up-to-date antivirus and malware protection, has a firewall, has all the latest windows updates installed, and is receiving all the latest updates for their products. Additionally, you should treat your “Data Core.mdb” file carefully since it contains all the information you have entered into Organize. Like any other file, if someone gets a copy of it, they will be able to open and read it. Therefore, do not allow unauthorized access to this file – do not email it to other people, do not post it on the internet etc.


6) Can more than one person use Organize at a time?

Yes. Organize supports multiple users – up to 200 users simultaneously on 200 different computers For this type of use, the “Data Core.mdb” file should be located on a network drive, and all computers should have the correct path set in the “location of data core” setting under “Preferences”. Organize can also be used by multiple users on the same computer.


7) How do I ensure my data is not lost?

The "DataCore.mdb" file is where Organize writes all the data you enter into Organize. All your tasks, events, contacts, notes, etc are stored in this file. Organize automatically backs-up this file on a regular basis, but to be safe, you should also backup this file manually to a safe location. The “Data Core.mdb” file is located by default in C:\Program Files\MPS\Organize (where C: is the drive where Windows is installed), but it can be moved to a location of your choosing by way of the Preferences. Locate the file and copy it to a safe location. (To restore your data, make sure Organize is not running, and copy the file back to its original location.)


8) How do I get Organize?

 You can download and install organize from this website. Follow the directions on the “Download” page.

  9) How do upgrades work?

You can download and install upgrades as they become available (for no extra charge) for at least two years after you purchase Organize. Once you have paid for Organize, and activated it, you will be able to use the same activation code for any new version of Organize you download. So, if you have purchased and installed Organize, and a new version becomes available, you can uninstall the old version, download and install the new version, and use the same activation code and it will work. None of your data should be lost (although you should backup all your data to be on the safe side). It is important to uninstall the old version of Organize before you install the new version.
  10) How do I use Organize?

Details on how to use Organize can be found here.

Tech Support

Tech support is available Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM CST via email and phone (long distance charges may apply) See our contact page for details.

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