How Does Organize Work?  

-   How to use Organize

Organize is designed to be up and running all the time you’re at your computer. The Add Task Or Event function is used to add information into Organize – this information could be a task, and event, a note, a letter, or any other kind of text field. Use the Task Manager as your “to do” list for the day. Use the Calendar to view upcoming events. Use the History function to view all closed tasks, events, notes, etc - You can view it in graphical form (like a calendar) or an individual task view (best for notes or letters). In every screen, a gray box gives you a description of what the function does and how it works, so you’re never unsure how to use anything.


- How Organize stores data

Organize uses a file called “DataCore.mdb” as its source for all user data. This file contains all your tasks, events, contact information etc. This file can be placed wherever you want – on your local computer or on a network drive. If placed on a network drive (or in a local folder that is shared on your network), it can be accessed by other computers. (this, in effect, turns the machine where the drive resides into an “Organize Server”). By doing this, other computers may view and change your tasks, events, contacts etc.


- Multiple users

Organize can be used by multiple users on multiple computers. All users and computers can view and edit the same data in Organize. To set up networked use of Organize, simply have several workstations change their “data core source” under “preferences” to the same Data Core file.


- Backups

All your personal data you have entered into Organize is contained in the “DataCore.mdb” file. This file should be copied and backed up on a regular basis. By default, Organize backs up the file every time the program is closed.


- Publishing data on local network

The data in Organize can be published over a local network (either home network or business LAN) by allowing access to the “DataCore.mdb” file. It can be published quite easily to other users over a local network.

  - Publishing data over the internet

Organize can be published over the internet. This means it is possible to use Organize and access your data in Organize from anywhere on the internet. This feature is for advanced users only, since it requires several things: 1) Windows XP Professional (not Home edition). 2) an internet connection. 3) Administrative access to your host computer and router. 4) A remote machine that has Internet Explorer 5 and above with ActiveX enabled. 5) Intermediate computer knowledge. Organize can be accessed remotely by using a remote desktop connection that is displayed within a web browser on the remote computer. The following articles describe the process of setting up remote access in greater detail: 1, 2, 3, 4.


- Security

Organize “rides on top of” the security of your local computer. If your computer is secure (by installing all the latest recommended windows updates, antivirus and anti-malware software, and firewall), then Organize will be secure. The “DataCore.mdb” file contains all your personal data entered into Organize. This file should be treated as if it were all your personal information written on a piece of paper – do not allow unauthorized access to it by emailing it to someone or copying it onto a disc and leaving it unattended, etc. Just as you would not let a stranger have access to the other documents and files on your computer, you should not let them have access to the “DataCore.mdb” file, or your data will no longer be secure.

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