Find out how you can do better at school by using Organize.

Students are increasingly using laptop and tablet computers. With Organize, your laptop becomes the ultimate academic tool. It is an essential tool for students of all stages: high-school, college, university, and even mature students!

  • Use organize as a dayplanner - enter all your assignment / test / exams.

  • Store professors' contact info and office hours.

  • Take notes directly into Organize. In Windows Vista, use built-in voice recognition to write out notes into Organize by speaking directly into your computer.

Why put all this on computers? Organize allows you to:


- Retrieve all info on a specific topic instantly

- Eliminate searching for notes

- Never miss an assignment ever again



Often, education is an exercise in staying organized and disciplined. Planning your time effectively is key to your success. By using Organize, all your information is in the same place - this means less time spent managing what you have to do, and more time doing it.
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